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Closely following every Christmas comes the New Year with its resolutions and good intentions. This year I started my resolutions a little early.

Since having my son 16 months ago I have had one hell of a sugar craving – we are talking biscuits for breakfast – not exactly healthy, or the example I want to set for my curious little companion! I truly believe though that the body craves what it needs and although I struggle to believe I need this degree of sugar, to my mind there is obviously something out of balance causing this.

So whilst most are over indulging on the mince pies and mulled wine I headed to The Organic Pharmacy for a Health Assessment.

Upon arrival I was offered a delicious herbal tea and ushered into a private room by Sofia my Organic Pharmacy Therapist. Sofia proceeded to ask a range of questions about my diet, lifestyle, sleep, general health and a myriad of other things. During the consultation I felt at ease and the questioning more like a free flowing conversation than a stilted and probing interrogation.

The Organic Pharmacy Clinic is staffed by dedicated and highly trained professionals. A holistic approach means your entire lifestyle is taken into account from stress levels, nutrition, organ function, vitamin and mineral status to emotional well-being. A personalised programme is prepared for you using herbs, homeopathy and nutrition.

Sofia then connected me to a BioEnergetic device which profiles vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, organ function, hormone balance, viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, digestive disorders, stress and food intolerances.

I had electrodes attached to my wrists and ankles and one to my forehead, they were no uncomfortable at all and I was left to relax for five minutes whilst the device took its readings.

Once the time had passed Sofia analysed the readings explaining as she went along. I found the experience fascinating, a lot of the readings made perfect sense and explained minor ailments and food cravings and I was really pleased not to be told not to eat wheat and diary which so often seems to be the mainstay of so many alternative practitioners. Indeed few foods were found to be problematic and those that were I already knew through experience they don’t agree with me such as tomatoes but some others were identified.

From the analysis Sofia was able to recommend vitamin and mineral supplements, homeopathic remedies and herbal tinctures to help bring the body back to balance and address my initial concerns. The homeopathic remedy was made up on site immediately and I was shown the supplements in the pharmacy that I could also take away with me.

I am just a few days into taking the supplements and homeopathic remedy and already feel my dependence on sugar lifting along with a lethargy that has been hard to shift.

I found the Health Assessment to be a relaxing and insightful session and can really see the benefit in booking one maybe annually as a health check or before or after a major life event such as a wedding or baby or as a way to ensure a stressful busy period hasn’t negatively affected your body and health.

If, like me, you want to get the New Year off to a healthy start, do try the Organic Pharmacy Health Assessment, it’s a wonderful, holistic MOT and a great insight into your body, health, habits and lifestyle.

The Health Assessment appointment is 90 minutes long and is one on one in a private room. I had mine at the Great Marlborough Street Organic Pharmacy with Sofia.

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