Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain, Rain Go Away

If you’re anything like me you are probably absolutely sick of the rain. No matter where I am trying to go, I seem to get wet. My Hunter boots are a permanent fixture in the hallway, my umbrella is never dry and I gave up wearing my gorgeous pale pink wool coat weeks ago in favour of my Barbour.

Imagine my delight then at discovering SquidLondon; no they can’t stop it raining but they can certainly make getting wet a little more fun! SquidLondon have a range of umbrellas, some with skylines on (London, New York and Hong Kong) and some with more abstract prints. Nothing unusual there, but here’s the fun part, they change colour when wet!

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Retailing from £25 they are certainly worth the investment to, if nothing else, make me smile whilst I grow webbed feet.

However, the thing I really want is the Romeo Rain Cape. A cute cape to go over your coat or just your clothes when it isn’t freezing out which cinches in at the waist for a chic look. It too changes colour when wet! Uber trendy monochromatic when dry and cheery coloured floral print when wet. I love it!

Retailing at £45

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