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The Style Edit Talks to Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell


To celebrate Tommy Hilfiger’s continued support of Breast Health International and the launch of the new limited-edition handbag, The Style Edit caught up with Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer to find out what it means to them to be involved with such a powerful campaign for a deserving cause.


TSE: Why have you joined forces with Tommy Hilfiger and BHI for this campaign?

CLAUDIA: I’m very proud to team with Tommy to support Breast Health International. Breast cancer can be devastating; at one time or another, most people in the world will be touched by it, whether it’s a mother, sister, aunt, colleague or friend. Tommy has created a great campaign over the years, and I hope our efforts will work to make a difference.

NAOMI: Tommy and I have been friends for many years; when he reached out to me about this fantastic initiative, I wanted to get involved. I knew it would be an amazing experience and one that could really help make a concrete difference for such a worthy cause.

 CLAUDIA: I’m very proud to team with Tommy to support Breast Health International

TSE: How do you feel about supporting Breast Health International?

CLAUDIA: The Fund for Living is a fantastic initiative. Breast cancer doesn’t just affect the patient; it affects their entire family, friends, work and life. Even the little things, like getting to a medical appointment or bringing children to school, can become a real challenge – let alone the big things like paying for treatment. The Fund for Living helps families with costs that might not be covered by insurance, like taking a taxi to the doctor’s office or paying a babysitter to watch children during an appointment. By helping with these aspects of life, we can help reduce stress and worry, which can play a large role in the recovery process.

NAOMI: I’m proud to support such an honorable organization. I know first-hand how breast cancer can affect people, families and friends, and how important it is to find new treatments and a cure. When the simplest of everyday tasks can seem like a huge struggle, a sense of support – like that offered by BHI’s Fund for Living – can really make a positive impact.


TSE: What do you hope to achieve with the campaign collaboration?

CLAUDIA: Especially as a woman, I feel it’s important to support other women battling this terrible disease. We have a real opportunity to help individuals and families who might be struggling or in need of a helping hand. I hope we can help to give women that bit of dignity, motivation and support they need in a time of crisis.

NAOMI: Every little bit helps. I recognize that we can’t change the world overnight. But by raising awareness and spreading the word – as much as possible – we can definitely make a difference in lives, one by one. I also hope that women everywhere will see this campaign and be inspired to get a check-up. I always used to think, “It won’t happen to me” – but it can. A check-up is a very important step for early detection.


TSE: How does Breast Cancer affected you either personally or as a woman?

CLAUDIA: It seems like almost everyone has a story of how breast cancer has affected them or someone they know. Working to raise awareness about cancer is something that’s very close to my heart.

NAOMI: Breast cancer has affected me on many levels, most notably because my mother is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in 2005, had a mastectomy and battled for years. Nothing like that had ever happened in my family, and we had to do a lot of research and organization to find out about all the aspects of treatment. I know how devastating the disease can be, and I hope we can really help people affected by it.

 NAOMI: I hope that women everywhere will see this campaign and be inspired to get a check-up

TSE: As two of the most recognizable names in the modeling industry – how was it to work together?

CLAUDIA: As always, great fun. It’s like working with family as we have known each other for over 20 years. The energy on set was great. We always have a wonderful time together, especially knowing this was all for such an important cause.

NAOMI: It was like a reunion of old friends – we’ve all known each other for years and have experienced a lot together. Claudia and I used to work together back when nobody knew our names. Patrick has photographed me many times for shoots over the years. I’ve modeled for Tommy for as long as I can remember.


TSE: What do you like about the bag?

CLAUDIA: I love the classic red, white and blue color combination – it’s the quintessential all-American, Tommy Hilfiger look. I also love the roomy and organized interior. With three kids, I always carry a lot with me, so this bag is very practical without looking bulky.

NAOMI: It’s really a classic style that can work for any occasion. It’s not only chic and versatile, but a bag with a cause.


TSE: How would you wear the bag?

CLAUDIA: I think you can dress it up or dress it down. I’ll carry it while dropping the kids off at school, grabbing lunch with friends or while travelling.

NAOMI: I think the bag is a real classic and is so versatile. Every woman could take it along for any occasion.

Tommy Hilfiger 2013 Tote

Tommy Hilfiger 2013 Tote

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